Help Desk

Password Problems?

Go to this link:

Select the option "forgot password." Enter your username/email and request a new password.

You’ll receive a new email. (It may be in your spam/junk folder.)

Open the email and click on the first link.

In the new window, enter your username/email and choose a new password. (I recommend you do not use the password that is provided. Choose your own and please write it down.) Then choose the "login" option.

In the new login screen, enter your username/email and new password.

You should be taken to the student dashboard where you can view the lessons.

If you need further help, please let me know.

~ Praying Medic

Technical Problems?

If you're having technical problems, such as video or page not displaying correctly or a file not downloading, please do a couple of things to troubleshoot the problem before contacting me:

Be sure you're logged in under the correct username.

If you're trying to view a video, be sure you're connected to a network or wifi that supports video streaming.

If you have difficulty viewing a page or video, try using a different device (laptop or desktop computer.) If the problem is not found on the second device, it is likely to be a problem with the first device.

If you're sill having trouble, use the contact form below to tell me about the problem.  Please provide as much information as possible.

Please let me know:

Which page(s) or lessons you're having trouble viewing and what you've done to try to troubleshoot the problem.