Divine Healing Class Announcement

  • Self-paced, no time limit
  • No tests, no quizzes, no grades
  • Format: streaming video, downloadable audio and a PDF outline
  • Accessible on all electronic devices including tablets and smart phones

Topics Covered


The Nature of God

Your Identity as a Believer

God’s Will for Healing

Authority for Healing

Power for Healing

Faith for Healing

Words of Knowledge

Emotional Healing

God’s Presence


Raising the Dead

The Court of Heaven

Why Some People Are Not Healed

The Gifts of Faith, Healing & Miracles

I just completed Praying Medic’s online Divine Healing Course and wow, nothing short of transforming. I could not stop hitting play on the next video. The outline is organized and the curriculum ensures the student receives the proper building blocks as the course progresses.

Praying Medic imparted knowledge throughout, starting with the foundation of Gods nature and goodness. He explained mindsets and revelations of Old Testament prophets leading right up to the life and ministry of Jesus in a way I had never heard before.

The teachings of your identity along with the difference of power and authority is solid, and this is just a fraction of the modules you receive. The stories and video demonstrations leave you encouraged with a burning desire deep within to continue the pursuit and transformation of who Christ intends you to be.

Thank you for being obedient to the calling placed on your heart as it has impacts on others lives, such as mine.

~ Robert Goodwin

Tuition is a one time payment of $120.

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